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Welcome to Our Hive the Best Place to Bee...

Rewards and Consequences

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Earn your Bees...
The children can earn five bees throughout the day to put in their honey pots.  Bees are earned for good listening, good working and good bee-havior.  At the end of the week the children can earn a total of 25 bees...they need to have at least 20 bees to earn fun Friday!
You've Been Caught...B.U.G.
B.U.G. tickets will be given out to students who are caught Being Unusually Good.  Five B.U.G. tickets will be drawn at the end of the week for a free trip to the treasure chest.  Students can earn an unlimited amount during the week!
Stop Light (Consequences)
Green:  You are doing a great job...keep up the good work!
Yellow:  Five minute can earn back green if you correct your mistakes!
Red:  Lost recess and note/phone call to parents!